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The team at Sub-Saharan Group have deeply rooted relationships across the African continent, dating back to pre-colonial empires. Those relationships allow us to cut through the pain-staking clutter to bring real opportunities to the forefront. Our access to the most influential leaders and management teams helps us save valuable time and money for clients and investors.



SSGi executes a proprietary strategy. We invest into industries that create opportunities in the future of infrastructure, products and services for the development of international trade between the African continent, Europe, Asia, and America. With deeply rooted local knowledge of doing business in Africa, and over 50+ years of international trade experience with the West; we are designed to harness the power of technology to enhance productivity, efficiency and connectivity. We execute trade to and from Africa; meeting the needs of consumers and businesses.


Our expertise spans technology, financial markets, and commodities trading. We bring this vast experience to complement our knowledge of cultural differences between Western, and African business operations. Our rich history of trade between countries, and continents, has evolved to support today’s global economy.


The SSGi team has over 50+ years of combined experience operating at the grassroots, and internationally. Our unique mix of corporate infrastructure and local trade practices enables us to identify business models that translate into larger markets.

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We believe powerful technology in the hands of consumers is transforming global markets. As macro leaders in this transformation; we face the future, cope with change and achieve results.